North Bay Incident Management Team


Incident Management Team (Type 3)


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The primary mission is to respond to requests for assistance by any jurisdiction within Marin, Napa, Solano and Sonoma Counties.   A secondary mission is to respond to requests for service outside of the North Bay from the California Emergency Management Agency to assist with the management of any incident.  The requesting agency will maintain jurisdictional responsibility of the incident.


The Northbay All-Hazard Incident Management Team (NBIMT) shall consist of trained personnel from departments, agencies and non-government organizations throughout Marin, Napa, Solano and Sonoma County, who have been sponsored by their supervisor and trained to function as a team. The team will generally consist of the following positions: Incident Commander, Deputy Incident Commander, Safety Officer, Information Officer, Liaison Officer, Operations Section Chief, Division/Group Supervisor(s), Planning Section Chief, Situation Unit Leader, Resource Unit Leader, Logistics Section Chief, Facilities Unit Leader, Finance Section Chief, and Personal Time Recorder/Equipment Time Recorder.



The Incident Commander of any All-Hazards incident can request the NBIMT any time there is a need for assistance in the command and general staff organization, or additional overhead assignments of an incident as a mutual aid resource, via their dispatch center or department operating center.  The notified dispatch center will contact the Woodacre ECC to request the NBAY-IMT.
The requesting dispatch center/department operations center will provide the following information:

Type / nature of the incident.

Incident Command Post location (or location for the NBIMT to respond).

Thomas Bros. Map page number.

Cell # and or frequency that the current Incident Commander can be reached.

NBIMT Response

The Woodacre Emergency Command Center (ECC) at Marin County Fire Department will be the sole ordering point for the NBIMT and will be responsible for its deployment procedures. Upon notification of a request for the NBAY-IMT to respond to an incident, the ECC will:

Contact a NBIMT IC

Provide incident information obtained from the requesting dispatch center/department operations center

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